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Canamidex offers a strong product portfolio in optimal water and wastewater treatment systems customized to satisfy specific needs for a project.


We accumulate more than 3 decades of practical and international experience regarding innovative supply water and wastewater treatment equipment for projects around the globe.


Water and Wastewater treatment equipment that is specifically designed for use in every individual water and wastewater related project is much more effective than a one size fits all "solution". By analyzing the entire process and all aspects of your water and wastewater treatment project, Canamidex will optimize the required equipment to every project’s individual needs.


Canamidex will work considering all pre-defined limitations, to find tailored and high quality solutions that will meet our clients’ environmental and production needs within their regulatory and financial Constraints.


Please check the links on the right, to view some of the many solutions that Canamidex offers.

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