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Water Treatment

Being active in the field of water treatment for so many years, Canamidex possesses comprehensive technological know-how as well as extensive experience of treating all types of water or to specific requirement of customers by working closing with you on each stage of the project. We can provide a seamless, smooth – running project from inception, through installation and commissioning, to ongoing service and consultation and most importantly without surprises. 

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nano Filtration are membrane processes that use the difference in permeability of water constituents as a separation technique. We offer wide range of RO product packages for different applications:



One of our products, reverse osmosis is specifically designed for production of ingredient water for carbonated soft drinks (CSD), juices, bottled water and non-carbonated beverages. We have gained the confidence of leading beverage suppliers with the largest installed base of ingredient water treatment systems. With strong technical support before, during, and after the sale, the result is a reverse osmosis performance you can trust


Make up water

This product is designed for ultrapure makeup water used in combined cycle gas turbine power systems and steam turbines. Other applications include use with boiler feedwater and for the replacement of aging ion exchange systems.

Combining a reverse osmosis (RO) system and an electrodeionization (EDI) system, this series is built on a single skid with one controller. This design offers customers installation simplicity, ease of operation, and up to a 40% smaller footprint,


General industries and factories

This product is a range of reverse osmosis (RO) machines and components such as multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners, chemical feed systems, tanks, and pumps. When combined, these components deliver a full-scale, configurable water system offers quality standalone components in addition to complete integrated systems. With speedy response and reliability, we can be your one source accountable for components, membranes, system performance, and more.


This package is well suited for the following applications:


  • Industrial boiler feed water, 35 to 1500 gpm (8 to 341 m3/h)

  • Feedwaters with conductivity > 300 uS/cm and <10,000 uS/cm

  • Demineralizer pretreatment or replacement

  • General industrial process water


Sea water

It is vital for customers in water-scarce regions to achieve and maintain low operating costs. Our seawater reverse osmosis solves your desalination needs while optimizing operating costs. Our product covers a range of customer applications, including boiler feed water make-up, irrigation water, plant process water, and small community potable water demand (see desalination section).



Desalination has become important in supplying the world’s drinking water; In the middle of the 20th century, there were about 4,000 cubic meters of fresh water per person per year. Now, globally, we’re down to 1,000 cubic meters per pers

on per year — a level that is defined as water scarcity.


Desalination technology has brought fresh water and hence industrial and commercial development to areas of the world that otherwise might have remained unproductive. Not only has development been enhanced by this technology but, more importantly, the health and welfare of many people have been improved by the supply of sanitary fresh water supplies.The economics of desalination are changing rapidly and are increasingly found to compete closely with more conventional water production methods. Many of our projects involve integrated power and desalination solutions.


Whether the plant is on the mainland, an island or offshore with a capacity ranging from a few cubic meters to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of product water per day, Canamidex can provide services for all aspects of desalination technology.



Demineralization is concerned with the removal of all dissolved mineral matter from water.


 Most common applications of demineralization:


  • Treatment of Boiler Feed Water (BFW), in order to maintain high heat-transfer efficiency in the boiler by preventing deposition of precipitated scale and corrosion or deterioration of surfaces in contact with water.

  • When production of steam is related to power generation through a steam turbine, a higher water quality is mandatory to meet requirements of the turbine manufacturer.

  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical and petrochemical sectors where it is used as a process fluid.


Demineralization can be roughly schematized in three different steps:


  • Pre-treatment, possibly featuring reverse osmosis Media Filtration, membrane separation, fine filtration and etc.

  • Deionization that could be achieved through Ion Exchange or Reverse Osmosis often coupled with degasifier to remove the residual co2.

  • Polishing featuring by mixed bed ION exchange 


All the packages can be designed from manually to fully automatic (PLC) depends on customer demand.


Potable and Sanitary water

Drinking water is the most important resource for mankind. In the past, a lot of the available natural reservoirs of industrial nations have been carelessly polluted. Without treatment, many of such resources are no longer suitable for human consumption.


In the emerging countries, the pollution of the available reserves is increasing because of expanding agriculture and industries. In developing countries, the few available sources are overused because of the population growth - water of minor quality is used as a potable water source.


Canamidex's team takes the challenge and produces high quality potable water for human use from various available raw water sources. For that, the team has adopted several process solutions.


We focus on the following applied technologies:


  • Treatment of ground water which is highly polluted by Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide and polluted surface water.

  • Treatment of surface water which is contaminated by algae, microorganism and suspended matter.

  • Treatment of water which is polluted because of high salinity


Canamidex offers front-end solutions by implementing the unavoidable by-products of the process and re-use them if possible. Our treatment plants are designed with an environmental-friendly approach. We emphasize on the supply of robust equipment with long service life as well as cost-effectiveness and good land utilization. Our plants are characterized by highest process stability and low maintenance from small to mid size plant.


Even though mainly focused on industrial applications, our services has developed a long-term experience in designing and supplying package-type Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water makers that find wide use in communities not directly linked to potable water and sewerage networks. Moreover the biological treatment package is widely used in several industrial sites where waste-water can be easily assimilated to urban sewage.


Among the most important applications of our Sanitary Water Treatment and Drinking Water applications are: Offshore platforms, pumping and compression stations, Working and construction camps, Resorts, Hotels, Camping, Military camps, Camps for refugees, Hospitals and health centers Abattoirs - dairies – distilleries,Winemaking industry and the Farming industry


Canamidex technical approach in such applications is characterized by the analytical investigation of the wastewater quality and its treatability and the provision of a solution that is implemented using compact and prefabricated units as much as possible.  This last feature greatly benefits the industrialists, as it requires much less plan – foot area than conventional methods and also provides a solution that limits the disruption of the factory’s business.


Water treatment package/skid

Also for the needs of potable water treatment Canamidex designs and constructs complete packaged plants using conventional treatment process such as physical-chemical, clarification and rapid gravity filtration. 


For these systems Canamidex offers pre-engineered and pre-fabricated units in containerized or skid mounted so to provide a reliable and easy to use unit that can operate at any condition and terrain.  All plants of this kind have dimensions that enable easy road and ship transportation for quick delivery to locations with difficult access.

For such cases the Canamidex Packaged Solutions utilizing compact, pre-engineered and pre-fabricated units in containerized or skid-mounted form are the most convenient and cost effective solution for the treatment of sewage.




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