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Sludge Dewatering Solutions


Canamidex and its partner are the provider of world-class quality, latest technology sludge dewatering equipment and chemical preparation station and feeder which are used for water and wastewater treatment, refinery, paper, mine and food industries. These systems are manufactured based on customer specifications and sludge/ water analysis, in addition all products are designed for a long and reliable working life demanding minimal operational and maintenance costs

Cut Disposal Costs While Meeting Environmental Regulations

This system help refiners, manufacturers, municipal water & wastewater treatment plant operators to handle and dewater sludge to meet economic targets while complying with environmental, health and safety rules.

Performing Sludge Dewatering 

The most common way to dewater sludge is to physically squeeze the water out of the sludge. As with all sludge dewatering technologies you can approach dewatering in various ways depending on your requirements and eventual disposition of your serough wage sludge. All the usual methods can apply, pressure filtration dewatering, belt press dewatering filtration and sludge dewatering centrifugation, Canamidex would be proud to assist you to supply and meet your requirement for sludge dewatering process and applications.

Canamidex Sludge Dewatering list of products


  • Sludge thickening.

  • Belt filter press.

  • Belt screens.

  • Drum Filter.

  • Cascades.Filter Press.

  • Screw Conveyors.

  • Filter Bag.

  • Static Mixer.

  • Belt Conveyor.

  • Polymer Station/Feeder/Preparationh

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