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CMM Measuring and Inspection

Notwithstanding of industry or application, all manufacturing needs the following to measure a part accurately:

  • A CMM or other measurement tool or machine

  • Skilled people to control your measurement needs and to operate the CMM

  • A dedicated space to measure your part

If you are missing one or more of the above, we offers a solution. Regardless of whether you need a machine, a skilled technician, a lab to measure, or all three, we can tailor the help you need to fit your schedule and budget.

we can perform a complete measurement with high accuracy and repeatability on different manufactured parts and provide all other CMM services.

We also perform manual dimensional inspection using different measurement tools such as caliper, micrometer, height gauge, pin gauge, etc

3D Modeling and Design

We are pleased to offer 3D CAD drawings, 3D modeling When a part is in a state that you want to manufacture, reproduce, reverse-engineering is what you want to do or it is machine shop, casting and many other applications and customer use needs.


Supply, Procurement


Canamidex offers Strategic manufacturing and procurement services of equipment for the Environment, Energy Generation, Food Safety, Aviation, Defense and Marine industries. Our global supply chain includes in-house manufacturing, local suppliers, and international suppliers. We offer a single point of contact for procurement, supply and delivery.


We start by determining our customer’s specific requirements. Based on the Information gathered we identify multiple sources of the required equipment, whether, in-house, local or international. After thorough evaluation of different sources and pricing structure, we provide our recommendations, we also make all the arrangement to get export permits and arrange shipment to the project sites.

Our clients greatly benefit from our expertise in Procurement for the following reasons:


We supply and procure the quality equipment at the lowest possible price.

We ensure that all equipment comply with our client’s specification requirements.

We ensure the equipment is manufactured/Supplied and shipped as per schedule.

Market Intelligence, Marketing & Sales

With dedicated and highly skilled, Marketing, Sales and Market intelligence departments, Canamidex has proven to be a very cost effective and lucrative alternative to international sales departments for our network of international suppliers.


Please contact us in-order to start an evaluation of your offerings and receive a proposal on how Canamidex is able to work with your company.

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